Quick tip: creating and compiling an AS3 project in FlashDevelop without the Flash IDE

Quick tip: creating and compiling an AS3 project in FlashDevelop without the Flash IDE

Quick tip: creating and compiling an AS3 project in FlashDevelop while not using the standard Adobe Flash IDE

Since the days I’ve created ActionScript projects, I was never satisfied with the code hinting the Flash IDE offered. Besides that, I never found the Flash IDE efficient for me as developer. In the search for better tools, I came across FlashDevelop. A really nice IDE with lovely side assist tools as code hinting, script management, console output … All the things a good developer would dream of … I you haven’t been using it, get it right away! You won’t regret it, in fact … You’ll love it!
Download FlashDevelop here!

For the people that never heard of this IDE, let me just qoute what Wikipedia has to say …
So we can all start of with the right information.

FlashDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Adobe Flash application development.
It uses the free Adobe Flex SDK in order to build ActionScript 3 and MXML applications, the free MTASC compiler to build ActionScript 2 applications, and the free HaXe toolkit to build ActionScript 3, PHP, Neko or JavaScript applications. It also has code completion and highlighting for XML, HTML, PHP, and CSS.

FlashDevelop is free and open source software, mostly written in C# and is built on the efficient Scintilla editor component.[2] It is extensible with a plugin architecture and is a .NET Framework 2.0 application only available for Microsoft Windows.

Feel free to read more about what FlashDevelop offers. More info about FlashDevelop on Wikipedia.

In the time I’ve worked with FlashDevelop, I’ve discovered a really nice feature … The option to compile without actually having to do this with the Flash IDE. It’s not so unnatural to have this build into a IDE, I just never thought of doing it … People are creatures of habit, I must admit!

Instead of creating and compiling your ActionScript 3 project with the Flash IDE, you can just fire up a new project with FlashBuilder and compile it from their IDE. I’ve noticed some gain in compile speed, but above that, it just feels lovely and cool to be able to press CTRL + ENTER and get your project compiled and fired up…

The steps are really simple, see for yourself:

Step 1

Start out by creating a new AS3 Project.

Step 2

Now pick the right project type. Careful, select the ‘AS3 Project’ type.
Now Set the correct project name and work directory… Press OK and we are ready to rumble!

Step 3

Now notice that your project explorer on the right side will have some folders. All the code is placed inside the SRC folder, by opening this folder you’ll see that there is already a Main.as file. This is the main class of your application. Proceed by writing your own code inside the INIT method.

Step 4

Right clicking your project, will open a context menu. The properties option will open a dialogue box where you can set some specific compiler options. You can easily change the SDK version, change the default dimension of the application, adjust the background color, set the frame rate or change the compile target!

I hear you comming, so now … How do I compile … Simply press CTRL + ENTER, and your application will be compiled and launched (if there aren’t any code errors off course).

Happy coding with this awsome tool!

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